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The Child & Family Institute
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 Our Mission 

The Child & Family Institute is a mission-based multi-site Clinical Dissemination Practice (CDP; Weissman et al., 2019).

CFI Mission Statement: In a culture of mental health stigma and growing divide between research and practice, we strive to bridge the gap, eliminate barriers, and de-stigmatize youth mental illness, with the primary goal of raising awareness and increasing access to/disseminating state-of-the-science, evidence-based care nationwide. We view each individual as comprising a unique set of strengths, challenges, and personality traits, with a focus on alleviating symptoms of distress rather than “treating diagnoses.” By establishing broad-based, multi-site treatment and training programs where state-of-the-art treatments are informed by advances in both clinical and cognitive science, in a relaxed and friendly environment that allows our clients to feel comfortable and "be themselves", we strive to deliver the highest quality of individually-tailored, evidence-based care to the communities we serve.

In line with our global vision, CFI proceeds directly fund the development and initiatives of the Weissman Children's Foundation- and related charities, toward our end goal of accessible, evidence-based care for all.

WCF Mission Statement: WCF's global mission is to offer gold standard, evidence-based mental and behavioral healthcare to every child and family in need.

**Please consider donating to the Weissman Children's Foundation COVID Relief Initiative to help us realize our mission of evidence-based care for everyone**

Thank you for your generosity and support!

**Through our new partner non-profit organization, the Weissman Children's Foundation (WCF), we are rolling out a comprehensive COVID Relief Initiative, including pro bono and pay-what-you-can virtual support groups for corona-related anxiety,  depression, OCD, trauma and grief, marital, family, and parental stress, along with many other telehealth services (e.g., individual and family CBT/DBT, psychiatry, neuropsychology, virtual reality therapy and biofeedback, creative arts therapy, speech and occupational therapy, nutrition, educational consulting, tutoring, home-schooling help, college prep, and more). WCF's mission is the broad-based dissemination of best practices for youth -- with an eye toward racial and social justice reform through the lens of reducing mental health disparities -- breaking down generations-old socioeconomic and geographic barriers to evidence-based treatment access for disadvantaged children and families nationwide. In line with our global vision, a percentage of all CFI proceeds will go to the development of WCF projects and intiatives, toward our end goal of accessible evidence-based care for all.

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Adam S. Weissman, Ph.D.

Offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, and Beyond

Intake Line: (914) 361-5283

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