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 Weissman Children's Foundation 

Please join us in congratulating our own Dr. Adam S. Weissman as he receives the 2020 Distinguished Contributions to Clinical Practice Award from the American Psychological Association and the Board of Professional Affairs, as he announces the launch of the Weissman Children's Foundation!

The Weissman Children's Foundation

"Helping Every Child Thrive"


**Through our new partner non-profit organization, the Weissman Children's Foundation (WCF), we are rolling out a comprehensive COVID Relief Initiative, including pro bono and pay-what-you-can virtual support groups for corona-related anxiety,  depression, OCD, trauma and grief, marital, family, and parental stress, along with many other telehealth services (e.g., individual and family CBT/DBT, psychiatry, neuropsychology, virtual reality therapy and biofeedback, creative arts therapy, speech and occupational therapy, nutrition, educational consulting, tutoring, home-schooling help, college prep, and more). WCF's mission is the broad-based dissemination of best practices for youth -- with an eye toward racial and social justice reform through the lens of reducing mental health disparities -- breaking down generations-old socioeconomic and geographic barriers to evidence-based treatment access for disadvantaged children and families nationwide. In line with our global vision, a percentage of all CFI proceeds will go to the development of WCF projects and intiatives, toward our end goal of accessible evidence-based care for all

**Please consider donating to the Weissman Children's Foundation COVID Relief Initiative to help us realize our mission of evidence-based care for everyone**

Thank you for your generosity and support!

WCF Mission Statement:

To offer gold standard, evidence-based mental and behavioral healthcare to every child and family in need.

The Weissman Children's Foundation (WCF) was founded by Dr. Adam S. Weissman to address several mounting public health concerns:

1. The overwhelming majority of specialized evidence-based mental and behavioral health treatments in the U.S. are almost exclusively accessible at expensive out-of-pocket private clinics.

2. The national healthcare system has not adequately prioritized coverage for evidence-based services in the mental and behavioral health arenas, and insurance reimbursement for most specialized out-of-network treatments is limited.

3. The result is an overwhelming majority of the U.S. population, uninsured and underinsured children and families nationwide, left without access to affordable gold standard mental and behavioral healthcare -- contributing to significant mental health disparities among BIPOC populations.

4. Additionally, there remains a significant dearth of evidence-based service providers and training programs nationally, particularly in more remote communities.


This week, we hit a terrible COVID milestone. 300,000 lives lost in the United States alone. Also this week, we saw our front-line healthcare workers get the very first vaccinations, offering us some hope for better days ahead. But unfortunately, there is no vaccine for mental illness.


A recent CDC study supports what we are seeing clinically – a “hidden” mental health pandemic, reporting surges in anxiety, depression, substance use, and suicidal ideation during COVID – and disproportionately so among younger adults and racial and ethnic minorities. And a new Oxford University study has now directly linked COVID and mental illness, reporting that 1 in 5 COVID patients were diagnosed with elevated rates of anxiety, depression and insomnia within the first 3 months after testing positive; and that those with pre-existing mental health conditions were 65% more likely to be diagnosed with COVID. The study concluded that mental illness should be regarded as an important COVID risk factor.

As many psychologists are aware, both the federal government and the insurance companies, have not adequately prioritized coverage for effective psychological services. In fact, it’s been over a decade since Congress first passed the Mental Health Parity And Addiction Equity Act, with its promise to make mental health treatment just as easy to access as other medical services. Yet still today – amid a global pandemic, an economic crisis, an opioid epidemic, and spikes in anxiety, depression, and suicide rates – the vast majority of Americans continue to be denied access to high quality, evidence-based psychological services. Even more devastating is how this is disproportionately true among underserved communities of color.

To address this gap in mental health access and equity, the Weissman Children’s Foundation has launched a comprehensive COVID Mental Health Relief Initiative. To date, we’ve helped nearly 150 families, with a plan to roll out services to an additional 100 families to start the new year. We’ve launched an online holiday fundraising campaign, raising more than $45,000 through partnerships with Columbia University, local and state psychological associations, a generous COVID Relief matching grant, and over 100 private donors. Currently, we’re in the process of creating an Equity and Effectiveness Scientific Research Council, partnering with internationally renowned psychology researchers and treatment developers to study treatment effectiveness and mental health disparities in the communities we serve. Please consider joining our campaign to help change the mental health landscape and access to care in our country, at

WCF-Westchester Team

Adam S. Weissman, Ph.D.

Offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, and Beyond

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